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Descent 3 Guidebot, Thiefbot and others
Excerpt taken from Matt Long's developer notes, 9 Aug 98.

Well I built the D3 guidebot, and added some new next gen graphical
effects to him, like thrust glows.  He will also leave a little particle
stream behind him when he flies around if everything goes as planned.
Also I have given him lots of little animations and quirks, and when he
gets ejected from the ship, he unfolds.  The Guide bots textures have
also been completely overhauled...He's still blue though! 

Another noteworthy robot to old school Descenters is the thief bot.  Yes
he is in D3 and I've redesigned him a bit to take advantage of our new
technology, as well as totally retextured him.  Its funny because I had to
keep him similar enough so that he is still recognizable, yet has a fresh
edge to him.  I started by building him to look pretty similar to the old
thief, except with pivots and more separate pieces so I can give him lots
of animation.  Then I redid his textures.  They use similar colors except
they are much more detailed this time around.  I also added thrust glows
to this fella. 

Other robots I've worked on are a robot that looks and behaves like a
shark and a "Soldier" robot that will work in a team with others of its
kind and follow orders from his commander.  Also I've been working on a
huge mech type walker that will blow everyone away, wait till you see it! 
All I can say is think about the second chapter of everyone's favorite sci
fi film of all time.  That armor's too strong for blasters!  This bot will also
be the first to use our attach system.  When I get this gargantuan beast
done I start work on the final game boss.  This guys design is pretty
rippin'.  Its going to be great when people see our bots for the first time. 
The have abilities and behaviors beyond any other games bad guys, bar