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Descent 3 Headlight and other lighting
Excerpt taken from Jason Leighton's developer notes, 28 Aug 98.

First off, I worked on the headlight.   I know alot of D2 users had a
love/hate relationship with the headlight in D2, but I think we'll make
it worth your while to use it in certain situations.  It will not take
energy, but you don't want to have it on all the time because it pretty
much hangs a "free beer" sign on you, tempting robots and multiplayer
opponents to pummel your ship.

While working on the headlight I added a small system that allows any
object to cast directional light, so robots and such can cast a cone of
light instead of a spherically shaped one.  This will allow us to do police
siren type effects.

And finally, I spent Thursday and Friday adding mirrors and reflective
surfaces to the indoor engine.  It looks very cool and it will actually
allow us to do some neat puzzles with objects that are only visible via
reflection.  The downside is that it basically doubles the amount of
polygons in a given scene, but I'm sure the designers will be prudent
about where they use this effect.