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Descent 3 final boss, hostages and turrets
Excerpt taken from Matt Long's developer notes, 1 Sep 98.

...I've got the aforementioned big walking beast in the game, and guess
what?  The attach system is cool as hell.  Wait till you see it!  I've also
started work on some of the D3 turrets.  The idea here is, of course, to
make cooler and more bad ass turrets than anyone else has.  I've made
two and I think they fit the bill.  One will need some minor tweaks, but is
finished for now.  The other is done.

My latest endeavor into the world of realtime game art is D3's final boss. 
A lot of work and planning has gone onto this guy and he will utilize and
push the envelope of several of D3's systems, both graphics and
gameplay-wise.  We're talking everything.  Chris Pfeiffer (our AI and
physics programmer) and myself have gone to great lengths to ensure not
only a fun and challenging gameplay climax to D3, but an awe inspiring
visual treat as well.  I've spent more time modelling, texturing and
animating this guy than any other D3 bot so far, and he is my favorite. 
You'll remember this one.  Hes my baby:).

Next I'm scheduled to tackle another Descent universe staple: The
hostage.  Yes D3's universe will feature Hostages and other
human\humanoid inhabitants.  Only this time they will be rendered in all
their polygonal glory, running around and doing all sorts of nifty stuff. 
This should pretty exciting as any modeller knows humans are the most
challenging thing to model and animate, and to me, the most fun!  Another
cool thing about getting these guys in is that they will help show off the
scale of D3.  You'll realize just how huge some of these environments and
bots will be when there are people running around.