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Descent 3 score, gravity and countermeasures
Excerpt taken from Mark Dinse's DescentBB posts, 18 Sep 98.

There won't be a score in single player Descent3, and there won't be
extra lives.  There will be save/load game, and if you die you'll either
go back to the start of the level or a predetermined waypoint based on
your progress through the level.  After alot of discussion it was
decided that what we cared about when we played was getting through
the level and discovering new situations, rather than accumulating points.
A score was just tied into getting extra lives, and other than that, didn't
make much sense.

The levels in D3 are still cool and complex, and all the designers working
on levels make sure to keep the floor texturing and ceiling texturing
consistent.  The real clue to what is up is the gravity on the level. 
Blowing up a robot is much more than what it was in D2 because robots
explode and drop with gravity.

The inventory system we have in D3 allows you to pick up countermeasures,
like bombs, and special use items for the level, and use those items in the
level.  Countermeasures are any dropped weapon.  Right now we have a
bouncing bomb called a betty, a seeker mine that follows a player, a turret-
bot called a gunboy, and a chaff burst that does damage and attracts
homers.  Right now there are 2 keys to cycle through the countermeasures
and one to use, and these are configurable.