This page contains cheats for Descent 2, Descent 1, and Descent: Freespace.  To use these single-player cheats, simply type them in directly during a game.

These are the cheats for the full version of Descent 2, version 1.2:


To get: Type in:
All Accessories ALIFALAFEL
Invulnerability ALMIGHTY
an acid-like state BITTERSWEET
a shield powerup BLUEORB
to zap to Exit, Reactor destroyed DELSHIFTB
bouncing weapons DUDDABOO
a Frame/sec counter FRAMETIME
to Warp levels FREESPACE
to kill 'bots by ramming GODZILLA
the Guide-Bot to blow up everything GOWINGNUT
the Guide-bot to multiply HELPVISHNU
Wowie Zowie Weapons HONESTBOB
Robot Firing Off IMAGESPACE
More Homing Weapons LPNLIZARD
a background of Johns PIGFARMER
robots to shoot at each other SILKWING
All 'bots destroyed SPANIARD

These are the cheats for the full version of Descent 1, version 1.4 or higher:


To get: Type in:
Activate cheat mode GABBAGABBAHEY
Stop bot shooting AHISMA
Activate ghost mode ASTRAL
All weapons BIGRED
Get an Extra Life BRUIN
Activate turbo mode BUGGIN
to Warp levels FARMERJOE
Put a trail of energy to exit FLASH
Activate cloak GUILE
all keys MITZI
reactor destroyed POBOYS
rapid fire PORGYS
activate invulnerability RACERX
extra weapons SCOURGE
get 100 shields TWILIGHT

These are the cheats for the full version of Descent: Freespace:


To get: Type in:
Activate cheat mode WWW.VOLITION-INC.COM
Allow all movies to be shown FREESPACESTANDSALONE
Toggle countermeasures on all ships ~-Shift-C
Destroy targeted ship ~-K
Do 10% damage to targeted ship ~-Alt-Shift-K
Do 10% damage to your own ship ~-Alt-K
Activate Invulnerability ~-I
Activate invulnerability on targeted ship ~-Shift-I
Activate Descent-style physics ~-O
Get infinite weapons ~-W
Give all ships infinite weapons ~-Shift-W
Mark all primary objectives complete ~-G
Mark all secondary objectives complete ~-Shift-G
Mark all bonus objectives complete ~-Alt-G
Scroll forwards and backwards through all secondary weapons ~-9 and ~-Shift-9
Scroll forwards and backwards though all primary weapons ~-0 and ~-Shift-0
Request rearm for targeted ship ~-R

If you want a multiplayer cheat, try typing GABBAGABBAHEY during a multiplayer game.  I guarantee the other players will be surprised!