Other Comms

Here is a list of the Internet's discussion groups for Descent:

alt.games.descent The primary place for Descent discussion on Usenet, from things like netgaming to favourite controllers.


alt.binaries.descent Descent's binaries newsgroup, here you can find levels, demos and screenshots from time to time.


alt.games.interplay.freespace A Usenet newsgroup for discussion of Descent: Freespace.


The Descent Developer's List An email-based mailing list specifically for discussion about developing levels, add-on programs and such for Descent.


The Descent 1 Source Mailing List Another email-based mailing list for discussion of the porting and extending of the Descent 1 source code.


The Freespace Developer's List The sister-list to the DDL, this list discusses creating missions and add-on programs for Descent: Freespace.


#descent An ongoing discussion about Descent on IRC.  Connect to any Efnet IRC server, and join #descent.


alt.games.kali Not strictly Descent-related, but here you can discuss playing Descent via Kali on the Internet.