Descent: Freespace info

Descent: Freespace - The Great War is the latest game from Parallax Software in the Descent series.  Available in most good software stores now, it's different from the other Descent games in that it is played in deep space.

Note that this is *not* Descent 3, which is a separate game and is planned to be out around December, 1998.

The Descent: Freespace playable demo, and a non-playable trailer, are both available for download on our Demos and Patches page.  We also have some Freespace screenshots up on our Screenshots page.

Full multiplayer support is included, with both cooperative and anarchy-style game modes, emphasis being placed on cooperative.  Up to 12 players may participate at a time.  Free access to Parallax Online, a service similar to Battle.Net, is also included, where you can organise Internet games easily.  PXO will also include a ranking system that awards you medals and points depending on your performance, and there will be a Top 100 for players to aspire for.

WAV file taunts will be supported, so you can during the game record and send a WAV file of your voice, and all the other players will hear it - in real time!

The game features different ships for you to fly, as detailed below:

GTF Apollo GTF Apollo:  The Apollo is the original Space Superiority Fighter of the Terran fleet.  After years of faithful service, it is still the first ship granted to commissioned GTA pilots and remains the easiest to use.  With two secondary banks, it often substitutes for Assault, and thus is the most versatile fighter in service.

This is the ship you fly in the playable demo.

GTF Hercules


GTF Hercules:  The Terran's heavy assault fighter, it carries six primary weapon banks and two secondary weapon banks, but is not incredibly fast or manoeuverable.
GTF Ulysses GTF Ulysses:  A lightweight fighter with not a whole lot in the way of weapons, but great speed and agility.
GTB Athena GTB Athena:  A light high-speed bomber that can deliver it's payload fast, and get out again just as fast.  Poor armour and shields, and not the greatest payload.
GTB Medusa GTB Medusa:  A medium bomber with a reasonable speed.  Poor agility, and only one bank of primary weapons.  Can carry all weapons except the "Harbinger" missile.
GTB Ursa GTB Ursa:  The heavy bomber.  Incredibly slow and unmanoeuverable, but with good armour and shields, this is the only ship that can carry the massive "Harbinger" missile.

The storyline will vary between two paths depending on how successful you are in your campaign.  As Interplay says, "event-driven soundtrack evokes a film-like experience and emphasizes the intensity of action."

Full 3Dfx, Direct3D, MMX and AGP support is included.  Volition have mentioned that they were influenced by Anime-style graphics when designing Freespace, so prepare yourself for an awesome visual-fest!  Minimum system requirements are a P133 with 3D hardware, or a P166 without.

You can design your own missions using the Freespace Mission Editor (FRED) that  ships with the game.

A mission pack has already been announced for Freespace - entitled "Silent Threat".  Due for release around October, the mission disk will inlcude 60 new misions, two new player ships, a new enemy capital ship, and four new weapons.  Stay tuned for more details.

Two IRC chats were held with some of the D:FS developers.  Check out the full transcripts of both the first and second chats.

Descent: Freespace is available now in all good software stores.