Internet Gaming with Kali

Kali! Yay! By far the most popular way to play Descent over the Internet is with the Kali gaming interface.   Kali basically allows any IPX networkable games (including Descent 1 and 2) to be played with anyone else Kali-enabled, worldwide.  Kali currently has over 600 servers worldwide, and over 250,000 registered users.

Download Kali for Win95/98/NT, 1.54 Whats new in Kali 1.54
Download Kali for DOS, 1.4a Download Kali for Mac, 1.0 b8e

Kali now also supports TCP/IP client-server games, such as Descent: Freespace, Quake 1/2 and Unreal, and will support the forthcoming Descent 3 in the same way.

Kali, unlike other netgaming services, has no hourly fees, and no charges for future upgrades.  To register Kali and remove the 15 minute limit, there is a one-time fee of only US$20.  This entitles you to unlimited multiplayer gaming, and free upgrades.

To register it, use the secure credit-card server at the Kali Home Page, and have your unlock code emailed to you within hours!

Potential Kali gamers should note that playing over the Internet can be different than over LAN, due to the Internet's inherent latency and packet loss.  An excellent reference to Descent netgaming can be found here, a must read for all players.