LAN3 - Australian LAN Fest

LAN3: Make the Connection

LAN3, the third annual great Australian LAN Fest, is due to kick off in January 1999.  To be held at the Gold Coast, Qld, we hope to attract over 100 players this year.   Details are sketchy at the moment, but as the event draws closer more and more info will be available here, as well as the soon-to-be-released official website.

The event will run for an entire weekend on either the second or third weekend (either the 9th/10th or 16th/17th) of January.

Games played will include Descent 3, Descent 2, Descent: Freespace, Quake 2 DM, CTF, and TF, Unreal, Total Annihilation, Starcraft, Diablo 2 and much, much more.  Dedicated servers for the major client/server games (such as D3 and Q2) will be set up and run over the course of the event.


LAN2: The unnecessary but kickass sequel! The last Australian LAN meet, "LAN2", was held on the weekend of January 10th and 11th this year in Parramatta, NSW.  We had over 70 people in attendance, coming from as far away as Adelaide and North Queensland.

Quake 2 was the favoured game, with a huge Q2 tournament taking place on the Saturday. The top four placegetters were Mr Snow (the winner), Madcow (runner-up), RangerV and Kitt.

Descent wasn't played nearly as much as I'd have liked, but there were a few awesome eight-player games nonetheless. :)

Here are some pictures from our huge LAN2 photo album, click on each one to zoom in:

The D2 table! Kitt smiles for the camera. :)
The hub table, and the Q2 server in the foreground.
Rtwice and Madcow, the D2 arch-rivals. :)
(Most of) the members of the Quivering Gibbage Quake Clan

More LAN2 pictures can be found at the official LAN2 site, and also check out Madcow's photos and journal at LAN2 Faces to Names.

The photos below are from LAN1, the very first Games Day we had in January 1997. This was almost purely a D2-playing event, with 17 players attending. We played in Garfield's garage in western Sydney.

Click on the the images to see the full-size photos.

An overview of the chaos!
_Talon_, yours truly Rtwice and, well, guess who. :)
Stoney and Mr Snow concentrating far too hard on not dying in Descent 2.
From L to R, Hagus, M2, Senator (hiding behind that great big monitor!), _Talon_, Prowler, and Baz.