Multi-player Levels

Valhalla Tower's Level Of The Week - Keg Party! Click here to get it!

The Level Of The Week is also posted to alt.binaries.descent each Wednesday night AEST.

Valhalla Tower now has a DETLEF server running, which is an easier way to download D2 missions from us without having to visit the site.  Using DETLEF you can also sort levels and make queries to find the mission you are looking for!  Download DETLEF from our Developer Toolkit, in the Descent Manager section.

The levels below are all excellent D2 anarchy levels, and are the ones most commonly played on the Australian Kali servers:

Pyrocide Stadium Pro Vampyro
Redemption R^2 Minerva 2.1
Getiton 1.2 Voodoo Snow's Odyssey Rabid
The Elegies Keg Party Arkham Asylum
Speed Racer Pro Darkhall 2 Trimorphia Mine Plus
Vulcanix Abyss 1.1 PTMC Park 2
Athena 2 Nysa Mementomori
PTMC Research Facility Crazy 2: The Revenge Trick or Treat