Single Player Levels

These are the best single-player mission packs available for Descent 2 and Descent: Freespace.

Descent 2:

Descent: First Strike All the original D1 levels, for play in D2!  (2.1MB)
The Orion Nebula Project for D1

The Orion Nebula Project for D2

One of the very first mission packs available.  A legendary classic.  (D1: 534kB, D2: 1.1MB)  Homepage
The Entropy Experiment Awesome 4-level pack where you actually battle enemy Pyro GXs!  (783kB)  Homepage
Entropy 2: Vengeance The absolute best single-player mission pack for D2.  Six levels, all custom bots, soundtrack and much more!  (868kB)  Note: The Vertigo add-on pack is REQUIRED to play this level.  Plain D2 1.2 is NOT sufficient.  Homepage
Project: Mandrill The latest mission pack from Razor Blade, featuring seven action-packed levels.   (1.2MB)  Homepage
The Phobos Encounter Another great 4-level pack with many never-before-seen 'bots.  (1.6MB)  Homepage
Chasm An excellent 5-level (+two secrets) pack by Razor Blade.  (457kB)  Homepage
Gradius 3D: Defiance A 6-level campaign by Blademaster and Scorch.  Features custom 'bots, soundtrack, arcade-style gameplay and more.  Like Entropy 2, the Vertigo-enhanced D2 is REQUIRED.  (1.0MB)
The Omicron Project A new 7-level mission pack by Stephen Koppes.  Features custom 'bots, soundtrack, new powerups and weapon effects and more.  Once again, the Vertigo add-on pack is REQUIRED.  (1.5MB)  Homepage
The Heavens A brand new 9-level mission pack by Nirvana and Sirius.  Unique in that it has been designed for both single-player and multiplayer play. Features seven levels of increasing complexity (plus two secrets), custom textures and bots.   (283kB)

Descent: Freespace:

Conflict at Taranova An excellent single mission that starts off simple, but ends with a twist.  By Razor Blade.  (v1.1, 16 Aug 98, 14kB)
A Way Out (Taranova 2) The sequel to Conflict at Taranova.  Escort transports from a doomed science station.  Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Taranov saga!  (3 Sep 98, 17kB)
The Sands of Normandy

with full voices
without voices

A preview mission of the forthcoming Awakenings campaign.  (Voice: 1029kB, W/O Voice: 12kB)  Homepage