Other Files

The latest version of Kali can be downloaded from our Kali page.
Descent odds and ends
  • Kahn 1.2 is an alternative to Kali, most useful for US players. (1.6MB)
  • Joyfix 98 1.0.1 is a utility that will make configuring your MS Sidewinder 3D Pro, Precision Pro or Force Feedback a much easier task. A must download if you own one of these joysticks. (86kB)
  • The Freespace reference bible is a document that contains info on the "look and feel" of the FS universe, and contains full scripts of all the cutscenes (including the ones that were cut). (4.3MB)   Also available is a complete subspace node map in JPG format (124kB).
  • Sound files of a Vasudan talking and the bloop and static sounds before and after each message in Freespace are available for download.  These will be handy for FS mission developers.
Drivers for common Descent hardware
If you have any of the hardware below, these are the latest drivers for them:
Network Game Monitors
These are programs that will allow you to not only display all games on a particular socket, but give you the kills, deaths, IPs and more, all without running Descent 2.
  • Dspy (147kB) for Win95 - note: must be added to Kali launch bar to work.
  • Demon (34kB) for DOS.
Windows 95 Plus! Themes and Fonts
Download these to Descentify your desktop. If you don't have Plus! installed, get this patch that will let you use themes anyway.
Anti-Winnuke/SSPing/Teardrop/Bonk patches for Win95
Winnuke, SSPing, Teardrop and Bonk are all programs that allow someone to enter your IP address and crash your computer. To insure yourself against these attacks, install these patches (in this order):
  • DirectX 6.0 (1.6MB, 1 Aug 98) is the latest version of the Win95 gaming drivers.
  • A soundclip of coverage this site was given on Australian national radio JJJ. (601kB)
  • ICQ 98a beta (1.5MB), a tool you'll never know how you did without! Send messages, files, chat and much more with your friends.
  • Winamp 2.0 (504kB, 8 Sep 98), the best MP3 player available.
  • Descent skin for Winamp (49kB), allows you to Descentify your Winamp player. :)