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D3 playable demo released!!!


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Descent 3 playable demo released!!! Sat, 28 Nov 1998 - 3:04pm.

THE DESCENT 3 PLAYABLE DEMO HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!  That's right, D3Demo is available for download right now - the demo appeared on the cover CD of the latest PC Format issue in the UK.  Download it from our Demos and patches page, or choose one of the mirrors (courtesy of Descentia) below:

Download from Descentia (USA)
Download from Adrenaline Vault (California, USA)
Download from Kali Nexus (USA)
Download from (USA)
Download from Cybex Design (USA)
Download from (USA)
Download from Blasternet (USA)
Download from Bob's World (Georgia, USA)
Download from (USA)
Download from Warpcore (USA)
Download from (USA)
Download from (USA)
Download from Stuttgart University (Germany)
Download from (Germany)
Download from BitSpittianBeta (USA)

The demo is around 28 megabytes in size, so please be patient, especially if the mirrors above are slow.


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