All screenshots were taken using a 3Dfx Voodoo accelerator card at 640x480.  The D2 screenshots were taken in version 1.0x of D2_3DFX.EXE, unless otherwise noted.  The Descent: Freespace screenshots were taken with detail set to fullest.

Click on the images to see the full-size screenshots.

This is what happens when you talk during a Kali D2 game. :)

Incoming Earthshaker! (taken in early version of D2 3Dfx)

Don't fire an Omega at someone who has just dropped a Smartie. Kitt made Demigod over this. :)

Go the chase!

An unlikely place for a reactor. This poor fellow was being chased by one!

How To Avoid Homing Missiles, Lesson #243....

....slide behind someone who was just killed....

....and the homer will hit him instead! :)

Oooh, that had to have hurt! (taken in 320x200)

This is what one cheater left behind when he quit the game. (taken in 320x200)

Attacking a Cain-class cruiser in Descent: Freespace.

Dogfighting with a Scorpion-class fighter, around an enemy Demon-class destroyer.

The mighty Demon-class destoyer goes down. :)